iPad = (matt + notes + calculator) x FluidMath

FluidMath 2012 was awarded as the most innovative educational technology. Is software designed for math classes and upper middle. Its main feature is its interface which converge handwritten math expressions with a scientific calculator and automatic function graphing.

If we write by hand in our simple expressions as iPad 3 5 + =, x - 4 = √ 2 49 or will return the result of 8, 6 and 7 respectively. If we write a function y = x2 + 2x - 5, and draw a curved line, we will return the graph of the function.

Here are some mathematical expressions that can be worked through 2013 FluidMath app, but there are many many other possibilities such as the following video summary:

The free version of this application is limited 300 seconds every time it restarts and does not have all its possible uses. However, according to our interests can choose one of the payment options, specialized in different uses:

- FluidMath 2013: Full version of the software.

- FluidTimesTable 2013: To practice and correct multiplication tables.

- FluidArithmetic 2013: Practice basic operations (elementary level).

- FluidEquation 2013: Converts handwritten equations to print.

- FluidTip: Simple calculator interprets the numbers and operators manuscripts.

There is also FluidGraph 2013 in free and paid version, focusing on working with graphics and features from handwritten expressions and lines on the graphs.