Multiple Intelligences and iPad: linguistic

Theories and research on multiple intelligences agree that children distinguished by their shared interest in linguistic intelligence and the ability to use words. They like to talk, write and read, also like to explain and listen to stories, enjoy word games, crosswords or puzzles, and tend to have a knack for learning languages.

To enhance the linguistic intelligence of children can propose activities like spelling, explain or discuss a topic, play word games, vocabulary and oral expression; writing a diary, but, above all, read all kinds of texts, accompanying them in their reading when they are still small. In this connection it may be interesting to them often go to the library.

intelligence linguistic

Regarding homework, linguistic intelligence can help if applied properly. For example, these children can better understand what work thoroughly studying whether text, marking key words, looking at unfamiliar vocabulary dictionary, summarizing the contents and verbalizing, like speakers, the issue at hand. The word processor is a good program to introduce them to the world of computing. When they learn to produce quality texts, not only for its content but also its design, value their work. In general, appreciate the grammatical structures, spelling rules, rhythms and relationships between words and also the writing styles of their favorite authors, so it is important to assess their use of this knowledge in different contexts and curricular areas.

The iPad is a tool that can help develop and implement linguistic intelligence. Here are a selection of apps that will be useful for this profile of children:

- Notability: Notes, handwritten notes and voice.

- Book Creator: Make a digital book with text, images and audio.

- Blogsy: Post your blog from the iPad with many design possibilities.

- Wikipanion: Wikipedia articles optimized for iPad.

- iBooks: Your books in digital format to read on the iPad.

- Writer's Studio: Writes books about music, paintings or just text.

- Ideas for writing: Teaching suggestions for improving writing.

- The Free Dictionary: Multidiomas comprehensive dictionary.

- Word Domino: Domino construction of words infantile level.

- Letris 2: Word game where two people can play at once.


It is important to correctly locate the maturational stage of boys and girls of their minds. Development activities and consolidation of talent must be challenging enough complex that advances and, in turn, close enough to be achievable. That is, not all activities are suitable for all children by the mere fact that they share the same intelligence.