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3 apps for TOD @ S have a good course

With the return "to school" becomes routine and sometimes chaos, stress, cursas to reach all tasks, etc. Many families return to their daily lives (school, extracurricular activities, chores, etc.) with good intentions but not always realistic. In our previous post we talked about the best apps you need a teacher to start the course. Now it's time for the applications to help parents and students to combine academic life with personal life.

Here we show 3 very simple to use free apps that will help everyone have a good course:

  • Family team apphelps reconcile personal and working life. In an easy and fun for the whole family helps transform housework in a game with objectives and challenges. Available for iOS y AndroidPremium and free version.



  • Timefulhelps you get a good routine to make the most of making one sets tasks. The application manages the daily activities we do through an algorithm that measures our sleep, activity streams and daily rhythm. The app manages three types of activities: we plan, the daily work to be done and what we like to do but do not have time. The application is defined as the smart calendar can sync with other calendars and makes proposals to make time for the activities you want. Currently available for iOS, Android version is planned.


  • Remind: Safe classroom communicationIt is an application that provides teachers with a safe and easy to communicate with students and parents so. Teachers can send the schedule, reminders, tasks, assessments, motivational messages, etc. directly to the phones of parents and students. An important aspect to consider is that interactions are private without having to display the phone number. A good way for teachers, students and parents can see messages from all their classes in one place.




15 basic iPad apps for teachers

This new course will start perhaps the first occasion in which you develop your teaching plantearás with iPad. Therefore we wanted to simplify your day with this new tool proponiéndote 15 selected basic apps for teachers. Most of them are geared to productivity and management of teaching and the remaining have a teaching vocation. This selection of apps 10 adds to the already published last year in the same line and you can find in this link.

1) Dropbox

The popular hosting service cloud, also has a version for iPad. If you arranged as a Dropbox account, you can access your files and folders also des tablet. To highlight the automatic photo upload functionality that will free storage space on your device while you create a backup of your photos.

2) OneDrive

It is the hosting service in the Microsoft cloud. Is functionally equivalent to that of Dropbox, but its basic plan offers 15 GB free unlike 2 GB of Dropbox. It has a special plan for housing 3GB photographs. But perhaps the main value lies in the ability to concentrate, edit and share all your Office documents in one place.

3) Blinklearning for iPad

This application is designed to recreate or expand classroom learning. The teacher has all the tools necessary to manage content and students and, in turn, the student has all materials and teaching aids to achieve their learning goals. It is available on multiple platforms.

4) Instapaper

It is a good solution when you accumulate many pending reads web pages, allowing you to save them offline on your device for later reading. The saved text can be adjusted in various formats. Also offers an additional tools like dictionary, folders or organization can forward via email or social networks.

5) Feedly

Feedly is possibly the best manager and RSS reader that we can find. Its iPad version has a friendly interface that greatly enhances your reading experience. Tools to store, share and organize items are a great addition, especially when you read many blogs.

6) Popplet

It is a very complete creative concept maps and yet very simple. Without having to worry about editing boxes, arrows and connectors you can create high-quality concept maps attention only putting the content. This ease of use lets you use it in class as they explain a topic; thus, the end of class, you'll give your students a copy of it.

7) Pearltrees

This application creates a conceptual map shaped pearls in an infinite wall. Each bead can be subdivided into other pearls and so on. The contents of the beads can be hidden, so that it can be discovering is presented as a theme. The ease of creation simplifies the work and focus on what's important: the content.

8) Pages

Pages is Apple's word processor. You can import and export in common formats, so you will not be limited if you're not a Mac user. One of the main features is its simple and intuitive interface as you'll have the basic and fundamental tools for writing a text.

9) Keynote

Keynote is Apple's slide editor. As pages has a simple and intuitive interface for creating slideshows. One of its primary values ​​is the tools of exposure as a speaker amenities weather control, slides, notes and even a laser pointer on a display mode other than your audience.


The third in the family is Apple Numbers, the spreadsheet editor. If you are not used to working with Excel, you will see that Numbers is much simpler, less mathematical and more friendly. This app among multiple options allow you to create a digital version of the notebook with you evaluabas so far. If you want a sample template, follow this link.


Blogs have a large presence in the education sector, either directly by the teacher or by the students as a class blog. If this is you, Blogsy is an app for you. Incorporates all necessary to post new articles in your blog, either Blogger, WordPress or another platform tools.


Penultimate is an application widely used because of its proximity to the work in traditional book. It lets you take notes of all kinds, in different books classified in the same app, especially if you use a good stylus. Syncs with Evernote, so that the notes will be available on any of your devices when you have internet connection.



TED conferences are a must on your iPad. Only videos with education you will have a large number of lectures that will be of your personal and professional interest.


This application lets you use the iPad as a creator of video tutorials. It records everything you type on the screen and all that is said out loud, so you can use it to create video lessons of the topic that interests you share with your students. Sure appreciate being able to hear your explanation when they are doing homework.


It is a solution for you to disseminate content on iPads for students, propose learning tasks and monitor their progress and difficulties. The various processes are monitored by offering a lot of information that would otherwise be lost.


Compilation of more 300 post Apple and Education

To complete the course, from iDidactic We have prepared a document where you will find over 300 posts written by our team and you make our scrapbook. This collection is intended to provide those seeking some resource, application, content of our notebook dedicated to Apple and education.

List 300 posts on Apple and Education

From iDidacticwe wish you a happy summer!

Word Lens - translation and augmented reality

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If we are planning to go abroad this holiday and are not too skilled with language proficiency of where you're going, Word Lens can be the application that takes us more than a pinch. Does your advantage? It makes use of augmented immediately translate those texts to place in front of the camera device to our reality. Surely translations will not be one hundred percent perfect, but the spirit of the app does not offer the best translation, but that it aims to help in specific situations and give us a notion of what the text we have before us.


The app offers several packages of languages: Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Until recently each had to be purchased separately and the cost was quite high (about 4 €) but since Google has purchased Quest Digital, the company that developed the application, all packages have become totally free .

One of its most important features is that we do not need any network connection for the app to work, which will allow us to use it anywhere in the world without having to hire any Internet access service. On the other hand also allows you to enter text and translate it manually.

Here's a video demonstration of the application:

You can download the app on itunes by this link.

iPads: the choice of the majority of teachers

The integration of new technologies in schools has never been so fast until the emergence of the iPad process. In 2012 3,5 Apple sold more than million iPads to schools, up more than 340% over 2011. The year is outnumbered 2013 8 million iPads for education since its launch. In the U.S. alone there are more 2.300 school districts using iPads. Therefore not surprising that nearly 94% of tablets used in schools are iPads.

In this same line Netop surveyed teachers on three issues:

1-What kind of technology used their class size?

2-What technologies were valued purchase for your school?

3-What is the main use they wanted to give it to technology in their classrooms?


3 questions teachers


You can find more stats on Apple in the next link.


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