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App to learn English until 5 12 years

%Hoy ninguna duda que aprender inglés es ahora mismo una obligación.  Integrar el iPad y el iPhone en el proceso de aprendizaje puede ser un buen recurso tanto en entorno educativos (con la suerte u la responsabilidad de disponer de estos dispositivos) como también en el ámbito familiar. Teniendo en cuenta la necesidad existente por aprender el inglés dedicamos el post de hoy a presentar la aplicación %Pili Pop App  %(iPad e iPhone).


%Pili Pop App % es una interesante aplicación para poder practicar inglés cada día y mejorar jugando.Una interesante herramienta de %Pili Pop App% para los padres y madres o educadores es la posibilidad de recibir un report% para comprobar el progreso mensual vía mail.

%Como los compañeros de %Frikids% advierten %Pili Pop Lab% modifica la estrategia de precio en su última versión que anteriormente tenía un precio %único de 5,99 euros. Ahora el precio está en función de la subscripción mensual, semestral o anual. La descarga de la aplicación es gratuita y nos ofrece un periodo de prueba de 7 días, acabado el plazo tendremos la opción de pagar por un mes 9,99 euros o 39,99 euros por seis meses o 59,99 euros por un acceso anual. El hecho de disponer de actividades nuevas cada mes  mediante la subscripción mensual es otro elemento a valorar.

  %Pili Pop app trailer from %Pili Pop on Vimeo.

10 Masters on app development

The mobile application development has become in a few years a very important business. The rise of this product has been accompanied by a growing demand for specialized professionals, as well as domestic demand for large companies, as starups and consultancies that offer development services for third parties.

For this reason, many professionals like you, you who care in formations that offer strong learning about application development. On the one hand because surely you have any good idea to post your own app and, second, because you have realized the educational value of creating apps include in the curriculum.

Whether for one reason or another, we present a selection of 10 masters would undoubtedly be of interest to you:


1)Master Scheduling Apps for smartphones and tablets

University Center of digital technology and art

Language: Spanish

Credits: 60

Contents: Creating, designing and launching mobile apps, web and social networks; Development platform (iOS and Android mainly)

2) Mobile Apps Business & Design

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Language: Spanish

Credits: 60

Contents: Training from the perspective of the entrepreneur and business knowledge, and technical and development, as well as the ability to adapt to the changing paradigm of smartphones / tablets and social networks.

3)Graduate Engineering Application Development for Mobile Devices


Language: Spanish

Credits: 39

Contents: Design, programming and functional design applications; Platforms iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Phone

4)Application Development for Mobile Devices

CICE - Professional School of New Technologies

Language: Spanish

Credits: 55

Content: Developing Android and iOS mobile applications and web applications HTML5; Upgrade, improvement and application performance.

5) Engineering of Mobile Application Development

University Alfonso X El Sabio

Language: Spanish

Credits: 60

Contents: Development of mobile applications and services; Management technologies and mobile devices; Concept and comprehensive projects.

6) Master in Mobile Computing (MIMO)

Pontifical University of Salamanca

Language: Spanish

Credits: 60

Contents: Application development on iOS, Android and Windows Phone; Implementing RESTful services and their deployment on Cloud providers; Platform applications using HTML5.



7) Mobile Application Development

La Salle (Almere)

Language: English

Credits: 60

Contents: Mobile Application Development; Basic skills for business development; Learning methods based on the resolution of cases.

8) Multimedia Applications


Language: Spanish and Catalan

Credits: 60

Contents: Creation and management of multimedia applications; Integration of video, music, animation, games ...

9) Masters in mobile applications

International University of La Rioja

Language: Spanish

Credits: 60

Contents: Development HTML5 web and mobile applications on iOS and Android; Competencies in entrepreneurship; Training for technical solutions to third parties.

Mobile Application Development

Denver University

Language: English

Credits: 48

Contents: Development and design of cross-platform applications; Plugin development for others; Distribution through app stores; HTML5 web applications, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Flex and Apache®.


IPad free app Spanish animated comics

Those of us who know that usually you follow one of our main objectives is to integrate technology into reading children. Thus we recommend the post entitled8 digital reading characteristicsandGaudi's secret: reading app innovation.

Thus we recommendNARR8, A new mobile application (iPad and iPhone) From where we can get interactive books, articles, and comics. All content, available free, are reported in series that are regularly updated as episodes from 15 and 20 minutes, ideal for a mobile format.


The stories of NARR8 are created with the latest technology in animation allowing you not only to follow the development of the argument, but also interact with what's going on ... it's like everything come alive on your screen, immersing you in a wonderful world of knowledge and adventure. NARR8 proposes a new reading experience in a digital environment that can complement the analog readout and has a large following in the Corporate Facebook.

It also has StoryBuilder, A multimedia editor with which you can even create your own stories, full of graphics, animations, etc.

Creating a new book in StoryBuilder


Collection videos and educational games: Play kids

Playkids is a compilation of educational resources for children in 1 to 4 years. Although the application is free there are parts of the app that are extra.

Playkids provides different types of resources:

  • Zone "games" or recreational activities from paint and color, connect stars, playing the piano, puzzles, memory games, activities for learning numbers, colors, etc. All resources are well resolved pedagogical level, the more difficult activities have the option to adjust the level so are well suited to the age and needs of each child.
  • Over 20 different cartoon: Super Why, Caillou, Pajanimals, Sid the science kid, Yogabba Gabba !, eebees adventures, Zou, Musti, etc. Most videos are extra.
  • Collection of lullabies with a duration of up 30 minutes.

A basic choice when it comes to applications for children from an early age is the parental control. The application can manage programs and decide the videos can be displayed and no, put the application into "baby mode", activate the "autorepeat" manage video downloads.



Playkids, available to iOS y Android, Has a free version to try and is available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. As already mentioned most videos are extra, but you can try for a week.


Create photos with your iPhone easily spherical

For weeks, Google has made available to users of iOS his prized photo application Photo Sphere Camera. This great app lets you easily 360º photographs, wrapping around you as if you were inside a sphere.

photo sphere camera

One of the main features of this application over other wide type, is that Google has managed to simplify and clarify the imaging capture minimizing errors. The use of this type of photography is especially relevant in three areas: the first is the open landscapes, pure nature; the second, are urban landscapes, with its large buildings; and the third, are enclosed spaces, from rooms to stadiums, to concert halls, theaters and interiors of buildings.

The resulting photographs can be locate on Google Maps, enriching the viewing place. It is in this sense that the educational environment is especially relevant. In your school you can develop a cross-project participation and all students throughout the course, with two objectives: first, to discover places photographed by peers; and, secondly, to give students the role of ProsumerIe be both consumers and producers of Internet content.

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