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Discover the "hidden" features of iOS 8

One of the new features of the latest Apple keynote was the new update, the iOS operating system 8. Online you can find a lot of respect for the news that the new software provides information; There are still some features that are tagged as "secret". From iDidactic want to highlight some of the hidden functions that you can use to update the software of your iPad / iPhone / iPod.

  • To copy the digits of the credit card you take a picture and copy it where you need it.
  • More detailed weather information: percentage of humidity, wind, pressure, precipitation, etc.
  • Easier access favorites with a double click
  • Mode "grayscale" screen
  • Option to hide photos reel
  • Detailed report on the battery usage per app
  • Dictation in real time without the need to wait out the phrase to view

More detail of the "hidden" features in the following video:

If you want to install the iOS 8 and disponéis enough space to download (requires 5 GB free on the mobile device), an advice is you do it des iTunes by connecting the device to your computer and choose iPhone / iPad / iPod> Information > Updated and ready.

Compatibility iOS devices with the new OS:


It is always advisable to make a backup of the device before any update.

Selection of apps for blogs

The management and reading blogs with the iPad offers several possibilities worth knowing whether we are consumers of RSS as if we publish our own blog.

For teachers who made an educational blog with their students, the iPad along with this apps can be a very practical solution in the co-text in a classroom.




This app is probably one of the most widespread reading blogs. Feedly is available for mobile devices and web browsers. The interface is very intuitive and adaptive. Each user can set the readout according to the display mode that suits you. The various blogs that follow can be organized into thematic folders according to the logic of each user.


With the near disne to a newspaper, this app brings essentially the same characteristics as Feedly, but with some better that enrich the user experience. These improvements include night reading mode, synchronization with notifications and the ability to share articles on social networks more agile.




In previous posts we've highlighted this app. Its main value is in a specially designed tools for iPad, with just a drag & drop, can incorporate photos, videos and text from other web 2.0. Syncing content with any blogging platform is very satisfactory, thus facilitating its use both if we publish on blogger, wordpress or other platform.

WordPress app

For WordPress users, this app brings the basics of publishing a new article. The options and tools have been minimized to provide a simple, but quite practical, allowing us to publish anywhere quickly.

Blogger app

Bloggers have their app to manage your blog. This app contains only the basic and fundamental to quickly publish a new entry elements. One of its strengths is the ability to work with our device camera to quickly post a new picture.


Flyover iPad 3D activity and resource

In today's post we will try to exploit the benefits of Maps for iOS. To do this we will focus on the provisionFlyover. For teachers with iPad and have elementary students is a resource with many applications to work aspects of mathematical competence.Flyover provides interactive views 3D photo quality if you are using disponibles.Para FlyoverClick the information button and then choose the Satellite or Hybrid view. Where available, Flyover present a high resolution image of the area you're viewing. You can change the view by gestures.

  • Icono 3DWhen this icon appears, you can switch between 2D or 3D views.
  • Icono Flyover que muestra edificiosWhen this icon appears, you can use Flyover.

For the less experienced, remember that you can use different gestures to interact with maps:

  • Pinch to zoom: Zoom in or out view of the map window.
  • Circular motion with two fingers: Rotates the map window, allowing a view of 360 degrees.
  • Drag with two fingers: Tilt the map window, allowing the user to fully interact with benefits 3D view and Flyover.
  • The rotate and swipe gestures only work when using summary.

A level teaching resource, it can be a useful tool for many aspects work in the classroom tools, such as:

  • Geometry.
  • Length.
  • Knowing environment near the school.
  • Learn to locate and conduct tours of streets near the homes of students.
  • Recognize relief elements: valleys, mountains, peninsulas, etc.
  • Analyze aspects of population density.
  • Check or validate assumptions that students have made.

I show a video that can illustrate the use ofFlyover in the classroom, in this case it's Las Vegas and can be useful in different sequences of learning:

  • In the case that some students have to produce a model can be useful to enhance the creativity of their work.
  • If we are working geometric bodies, we could be helpful to identify them in constructions.

Best stylus for your iPad

One of the great virtues of the iPad is its user custom experience. The simplicity of operation of the interface, different ways of interacting with the content or use proximity with notepads, books or sketchbooks are definitely some elements that enrich the user experience.

However, they have had to take several years before the design industry and technology has been able to offer a good stylus to enhance the experience of writing and drawing with the iPad. So far, most of stylus is limited to incorporate a wide and soft to the point of a pen tip. Thus, the line offered little precision was difficult to produce a text as that could create a sheet of paper.

Fortunately, the stylus and have evolved in the market are getting better proposals with which to work. In this sense we present a choice of three stylus that deserve our attention:


1) Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus

This stylus by Adonit has been developed in collaboration with Evernote. One of the main virtues of this stylus has at its tip, which is only 1,9mm like most pens. Thus high accuracy is achieved in both writing and drawing, reaching the same user experience that would have to write on a notebook. Penultimate used in addition to (app to take handwritten notes inside the Evernote family), you can use other complementary tools that facilitate writing.

2) Fifty Three Stylus

This stylus is the modern version of a carpenter's pencil. The tip is specially designed to make fine lines in the iPad, giving special atenció those who will use it more to draw than to write. The main added value of this stylus is found in such a natural performance that even allows us to support our hands on the iPad, without altering the stroke of the pen. This stylus is also combined with the app 53, a sketchbook that incorporates very good tools. When they work together, we can use the eraser on the back of the stylus, or use your finger as Smudger, entered several additional options. In the next updates this stylus allow you to alter the stroke depending on the inclination that we give.

3) Cosmonaut

This stylus in a distinct idea to the other; in the same way that the iPad is not the same as a sheet of paper, a pen for iPad has to be something different, something innovative. Cosmonaut is made of rubber alumnio inside and out, reaching a considerable thickness. In fact it looks very much like a thick pen in size and stroke. This stylus features make it a strong candidate for stylus for children, especially for younger working better with rather large pencils and crayons.

App locate children anytime

The month of September is characterized by the return to school, and with that new schedules, new extracurricular activities and sometimes new schools. All this involves a family reorganization should take into account the circumstances that affect children and working hours of the father and the mother. The desired work-life balance is directly proportional to the quality of life element and IMHO a crucial element affecting the quality of education in a country.

In this context, having digitally localized children can be reassuring to the family element. Providing peace of mind to all families in the world through the mobile phone was the idea with the brilliant team of startupDondeEstaHe started working in the year 2009 in Barcelona and now based in Cambridge (Massachusetts). The free application DondeEsta also available for iPhone and Android is a very good tool because its priority is to provide peace of mind to all families of the world through the mobile phone.

The main features of this application (Inglés, Catalan, Spanish)are:

  • Locate your children at any time
  • Display real-time "home" and "school"
  • Receive notifications
  • Receive alerts (If they are not in school during school hours)
  • Stay in touch with family

We recommend the promotional video of the application:

Finally, note that such tools can be helpful for some families but their use does not imply in any way that we forget work training aspects of autonomy and responsibility. Delegate aspects of education technology can logically lead to a sterile and cold relationship between the family members involved.

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