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Converts iPad into a mobile scanner

In many schools the scanner is lost and forgotten in a classroom. It is very interesting to explain the operation and that students learn to use since it involves some digital competition. Recall that the scanner was created in 1984 when Microtek creates the MS-200, the first black and white scanner with a resolution 200dpi. This scanner was developed to Apple Macintosh. In 1989 scanner is the first color.


In today's post we present FasterScan HD, A free app that converts the iPad into a mobile scanner.FasterScan HDRear Camera uses iPad to capture documents or photos and converts images in surprisingly good electronic documents that you can archive and share.

FasterScan HDlogically works best with flat documents, but you can also scan books and magazines and having the application framework that allows to compensate the curves on the page.

Create music and art at a time with free iPad

We present an interesting proposal that combines music and art. The free app MUSYC is a soundscape generator combines several experiences to produce creative brutal. The mechanics of this application is to use graphical objects by way of sound sources with elements that change the way people interact with sound. 4 sound generators objects to which we must add four controllers as lines connecting objects, walls are included.

The minimalist design surprising and perhaps sometimes causes cost control.


The above photograph comes to life through the following two official videos. The free version includes four sound objects, but also can add a recorder object movement, new series of sounds and more applications with different versions of payment. MUSYCis one of those applications for iPad in the hands of children because it has amazing creative potential brutal.

DIY accessories for Apple

DIY stands for "do it yourself". DIY is the practice of making or repairing things yourself, so that money is saved, being entertained and learn at the same time.

We can find the DIY network so imagine, in this post we show a sample of original ideas to personalize Apple products.

  • Headphones:


Link for more information

DIY headphones

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  • IPad Cases:


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  • Stands for iPad:


Link for more information


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Do you you encourage?

Recommendations The flight of butterflies

April is coming, the month of the Book and Reading for excellence, and from The flight of the butterflies I want to recommend some Apps that can not miss in your digital library:


Digital stories are magical for children, because most are interactive, it is not necessary to have a domain of literacy to enjoy them independently, some have activities at the end of the story and there are Apps that allow kids create their own stories.

But the paper has a special magic and very few who dare to abandon completely. I am also enjoying the telling a story "that smells book" and as the two are not mutually exclusive, but complementary, I also recommend some of my favorite books Children's Education: and lots of activity ideas from stories:

And you ... what do you prefer?
This article on Early Childhood Education and many more in the blog:
The flight of the butterflies

Why tablets are good for classes?

The integration of technology in the classroom has been studied for many years. Many teachers have made interesting experiments on the use of computers, tablets-pc, mobile phones, whiteboards, netbooksEtc.. However, never before been so quickly adopted technology in the classroom since the advent of the iPad.

Based on various studies, among which one finds UAB, Was published in Edudemic The following infographic, which quite rightly summarizes the value of tablets in the classroom:




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