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Compilation of more 300 post Apple and Education

To complete the course, from iDidactic We have prepared a document where you will find over 300 posts written by our team and you make our scrapbook. This collection is intended to provide those seeking some resource, application, content of our notebook dedicated to Apple and education.

List 300 posts on Apple and Education

From iDidacticwe wish you a happy summer!

Word Lens - translation and augmented reality

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If we are planning to go abroad this holiday and are not too skilled with language proficiency of where you're going, Word Lens can be the application that takes us more than a pinch. Does your advantage? It makes use of augmented immediately translate those texts to place in front of the camera device to our reality. Surely translations will not be one hundred percent perfect, but the spirit of the app does not offer the best translation, but that it aims to help in specific situations and give us a notion of what the text we have before us.


The app offers several packages of languages: Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Until recently each had to be purchased separately and the cost was quite high (about 4 €) but since Google has purchased Quest Digital, the company that developed the application, all packages have become totally free .

One of its most important features is that we do not need any network connection for the app to work, which will allow us to use it anywhere in the world without having to hire any Internet access service. On the other hand also allows you to enter text and translate it manually.

Here's a video demonstration of the application:

You can download the app on itunes by this link.

iPads: the choice of the majority of teachers

The integration of new technologies in schools has never been so fast until the emergence of the iPad process. In 2012 3,5 Apple sold more than million iPads to schools, up more than 340% over 2011. The year is outnumbered 2013 8 million iPads for education since its launch. In the U.S. alone there are more 2.300 school districts using iPads. Therefore not surprising that nearly 94% of tablets used in schools are iPads.

In this same line Netop surveyed teachers on three issues:

1-What kind of technology used their class size?

2-What technologies were valued purchase for your school?

3-What is the main use they wanted to give it to technology in their classrooms?


3 questions teachers


You can find more stats on Apple in the next link.


The 100 best educational games for iPad

Now that the end of the year approaching and with it the school holidays, it seems interesting to us to recommend the best 100 list of educational games for iPad that our colleagues Teachthoughtshared last February. The magnificent collection that you can check in the following link(, It may be interesting to parents and educators who have iPad and want to have some educational application in a gaming environment.

In this sense it also seems appropriate to recommend the post published by The Guardianon 50 The best apps for iPad and Android (2013) for children in which parents can trust, providing stimulating, creative environment and creative situations.

And finally, we recommend our application.Gaudi's secret is an innovative application designed to encourage reading, imagination and reading comprehension of children.Gaudi's secretlets you choose the name of the protagonists 5, so the reader can customize your adventure with character names you decide, may be the problem. Also integrates games, activities, music and illustrations.

Fun and learning are guaranteed for this summer Gaudi's secret!










"Breathe" app to control impulses

Breath is an application of Sesame Street (Sesame Street) for boys and girls to 2 5 years and have trouble controlling their impulses. The app's main objective is to learn to stay calm in everyday situations of frustration.


In applying the child should help to calm the monster in tense situations by massaging her belly, deep breaths or planned future actions. In addition, the child can customize the application to record the voice of the child and use the monster's breath as the monster to learn to calm down.

A very important part of the application is the comprehensive guide for parents and tips on where strategies are provided:

  • Coping with perseverance
  • Coping with Separation
  • Practice patience
  • Overcome errors
  • Encourage confidence and skills to communicate
  • Encourage independence
  • Controlling bad or aggressive behavior
  • Handle Sibling Rivalry
  • Adjusting to a moving

The application is available in Spanish and English, is free and is designed with reference the program highly recommended "Children, major challenges"Sesame Street's Little Children.

The application is also available for Android.

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